Consenting Adults. Single or otherwise. ARE YOU READY TO JOIN?

A person, male or female, who is considered old enough, and therefore responsible enough, to decide if they want sex and who they want to have sex with.

Membership is important. All members must fill out the membership form with their true name and date of birth.
They are also asked to express their interest in the various sexual act.
Once accepted as members, a private interview takes place. At the conclusion all will sign the membership form acknowledging they understand and accept the rules of the club.

As members all options of ' who, when, where and what ' are open to their private choice.
As members all agree to accept a "No" as a "no thank you" and move on to another member.

  • Non members request, such as:
    'I want to surprise my wife or husband with an encounter for their birthday.'
    Will be turned down. We won't risk involving another without their full consent in advance.
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    Pre-Party Adult Forms:
    All potential members are required to present their photo ID.
    Full legal names & date of birth must match their request for membership form.
    For your discretion, other members will know you by your first names and a club serial number.
    We see no reason for any member to hide their true age. If you think you are to old or to young, I expect you are correct.

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